ShipStation Help Guide

An introduction to the ShipStation online help centre and details on how to use it to find the information you need.

Welcome to the ShipStation online help guide! 

This part of our help centre is all about how to use ShipStation. These help articles will help guide you through using the ShipStation features, accomplishing specific tasks, and making your shipping workflow as efficient as possible. 

New to ShipStation?

Start with the Quickstart Guide to help complete your initial setup, print your first label, and learn about common post-shipping tasks, like tracking.

The articles in the Manage Orders, Ship Orders, and Manage Shipments sections provide instructions for most of the daily tasks you'll perform in ShipStation.

Using the Left-Side Navigation

The left side of this page provides quick access to view all of the sections within our help centre and all of the articles within each section.

The sections Manage Orders through Manage Account include fundamental features all ShipStationusers are likely to use. The sections Automation through Branding include advanced features that will help you do your work more efficiently. 

Check the glossary for definitions of terms used frequently throughout this help centre.

Finally, go to the ShipStation FAQ section to view articles with frequently asked questions. The FAQs are divided into categories based on question topics.

Integrations, Mobile, and Troubleshooting Help

For assistance with one of your store or carrier integrations, go to the Integrations Help Guide. The help articles about stores and carriers should provide all you need to know to integrate successfully and get ship done!

The ShipStation Mobile section includes articles on how to use the ShipStation mobile app. The Troubleshooting section includes articles to help resolve potential issues or errors you may come across while using ShipStation. Each integration article also includes a Troubleshooting section for issues unique to each integration, if there are any.

Search the Help Guide

If you are looking for instructions on how to do something specific, use the search bar to search for terms, phrases, or even full questions.

Additionally, articles with multiple sections start with an Article Content section so you can see at a glance what information is in the article and click to jump directly to the information you need.


To contact our support team, click the chat icon Speech bubble icon that opens chat support widget. available on any of the help centre pages and ask a question in the widget. If you don't see the chat icon, make sure you sign in to the help center.

If our online guide doesn't provide the answer, the chat widget will give you the support options available to you (email, chat, or phone) based on your ShipStation plan level. To check this availability, you must log in to your ShipStation account.

For more details on how ShipStation's support options work, review our Contact ShipStation Support article.