ShipStation Connect Settings

Now that you have installed ShipStation Connect and connected your printers and scales, you can manage your settings.

The ShipStation Connect settings allow you to name your workstations and devices, disable access to printers you do not want to use with ShipStation, and share printers with other users on your ShipStation account. 

If you are logged into ShipStation with the same username and password used to register ShipStation Connect, you will see a list of available workstations and printers you can then modify. 

ShipStation Connect settings page. Shows Available printers, scales, & which are Disabled or Shared

Workstation and Printer List

If you do not see a list with your workstation or active printers, check the following: 

  • Confirm ShipStation Connect is running. 

    On a Mac, the ShipStation Connect icon ShipStation icon for Mac O S. Black "gear" symbol in Grey square. will be in the top right menu bar of your screen. In Windows, the ShipStation Connect icon ShipStation icon for Windows O S. Green "gear" symbol in white square. will be in your System Tray in the bottom right toolbar.

  • Confirm you are logged into ShipStation with the same username used to register ShipStation Connect.

Name Workstations & Devices

The display names set here will be what all ShipStation users see when they select a workstation and a printer during the print process. 

Share or Disable Connect Devices

If you have multiple users in your ShipStation account, make sure they have access to the proper printers for the documents they need to print.

When a printer is set to Shared, that printer is then visible and available to other users on your ShipStation account, no matter where they are or what workstation they are logged into. 

When a scale is set to Shared, that scale is then available to all users so they can pull weights into ShipStation for the shipments they are working on. 

If you set a printer to Disabled, that printer cannot be used to print any documents for any user. Disabled printers also cannot be selected as default printers for any document type. 

If you set a scale to Disabled, ShipStation cannot access that scale to weigh shipments.

Deactivate a Workstation

Deactivating a workstation in ShipStation Connect completely removes the workstation and all of the workstation's devices and shared settings. ShipStation recommends deactivating a workstation only when the workstation will no longer be used with ShipStation or when instructed to do so by ShipStation support.

When troubleshooting printing issues, ShipStation recommends following the steps in the appropriate troubleshooting guide to refresh the connection between the workstation and ShipStation Connect.

  • Click the Deactivate this workstation link below the workstation you wish to deactivate.

    The ShipStation Connect settings screen will refresh and the workstation, its devices and shared settings will be removed.

    The ShipStation connect settings screen is shown with the deactivate this workstation link highlighted for one of the workstations.

Things to Know When Deactivating a Workstation