Create Labels Without an Order

Explains how to create labels independent of an order by using the Rate Calculator, as well as the limitation of labels created in this way.

If you’d like to create a label for a single shipment that doesn’t have or need an order record, you can do so with the Rate Calculator. You can use this process for both outgoing and return labels.


Creating a label through the Rate Calculator is not the same as manually creating a new order in ShipStation. Review the Create Manual Orders article to learn how to create an order in ShipStation.

To create a label without an order:

  1. Click the Rate Calculator icon in the toolbar.

    V3 Toolbar with rate calculator icon highlighted.
  2. Enter the necessary information for the rates you'd like to see. 

    Minimum required information: Ship-From Location, Ship-To Postal Code, Country, and Weight. 

    Rate Browser popup. 3 red boxes highlight: 1. Ship From location, 2. Ship To location, & 3. Shipment Information
  3. Click Browse Rates

    ShipStation will display the carriers, service types, estimated delivery times from the carrier (if available), and rates.

    Rate Browser pop-up with sample rates for ChronoPost.
  4. Click the carrier name to see the available services options and rates for that carrier.

  5. Select the Carrier and Service you want to use. 

    The Configure Label option becomes active after you select a service.

  6. Click Configure Label.

    Rate Browser popup. Arrow points to Configure Label button.

    The Rate Calculator will then ask you to fill in the remaining Ship To Address information. The Postal Code will carry over from your initial entry. 

  7. Complete the Ship To Address.

    If you need to create a return label, select Create a Return Label, above the address entry fields, then fill out the Ship From Address instead.

  8. (Optional) Click Validate Address if you are not confident the address is exactly correct. ShipStation will validate and standardise the address for you. 

    If you want to use the correction, click Use this Address.

  9. Make any other adjustments you need to the shipment (weight, dimensions, insurance, customs declarations, etc.).

  10. Click the Create + Print Label button (or use the drop-down to only Create Label without printing).

    If you're creating a return label, select Email or Download instead.

    V3 Rate Browser Configure Label Screen. Arrow points to Create Label button

If ShipStation is not able to create the label, we'll display any relevant errors so you can correct the shipping details and attempt to create the label again.

You can print the label immediately or print it later from the Shipments tab. Review our Print Labels article for more details on available print options.

Notes About the Rate Calculator

  • Creating a label through the Rate Calculator will not generate an order or customer record. A shipment record will be available in the Shipments tab.

  • Notification e-mails are not available for shipments created through the Rate Calculator.

  • Shipments created through the Rate Calculator do not allow you to define the shipment's line items. Packing Slips and Pick Lists printed from the shipment will not contain any product information.

  • Even if you have enabled the option to place your logo on the label, any labels you create with the Rate Calculator will not print with your store logo.

  • Rates between the Toolbar Calculator and the Shipment Calculator may differ as the Shipment Calculator provides more details to the carrier's rate API (address type, package type, confirmation type).

  • Labels created through the Rate Calculator will not be identified as an order input in User Activity Logs.