ShipStation Account Login Issues

A troubleshooting guide for account login problems, including instructions on how to reset your password.

Are you encountering the following error when attempting to log in to ShipStation? If so, this article will guide you through a few steps to get you logged in to ShipStation successfully.

The username or password you entered was invalid. Please note that repeated failed attempts will result in your account being locked out.

The error message that displays when ShipStation login credentials are incorrect.

1. Log in with your Username, not your email address.

All usernames are unique, but ShipStation allows the same email address with multiple usernames. Always log in with your username to ensure your credentials match the account you are logging into.

In some cases, your email address might also be your username. A single email address could be used for multiple users (for example, and this email address could also be one person's username. To avoid confusion, always log in with your username.

2. Reset your password.

Once you are sure that you are logging in with the correct username, the next step is to reset your password.

  1. Click the Forgot my password link on the ShipStation login page.

    The login screen is displayed and the Forgot my password link is highlighted.
  2. Enter your username into the Username field. (Be sure to enter your username, not your email address.) Then, click the Send Password Reset Instructions button.

    The reset password screen is displayed with the username entered and the Send password reset instructions button highlighted.
  3. Check for an email sent to the email address associated to your username. Click the Reset Password: link in the email.

    ShipStation's create a new password email is displayed and the reset password link is highlighted.
  4. Enter a new password into the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Then, click the Change Password button.

    The update your password modal is displayed. A new password is entered into both fields and the change password button is highlighted.
  5. Log in to ShipStation using your username and new password.

3. Have an admin check your user account.

Your ShipStation user account may become locked or inaccessible to you after multiple failed log in attempts. Another possibility is that your account is set to not allow you to log in.

Have your ShipStation administrator check your user account to see if it is locked or set to not allow logins.

To check a ShipStation user account:

  1. Go to Settings > Account > User Management.

  2. Click the Edit link to the right of the locked user account.

    The edit link is selected for the locked user on the user management screen.
  3. If the account is locked, click the Unlock Account button.

    The locked user information is displayed. The unlock account button is highlighted.
  4. Verify that the Allow this user to log in option is checked.


Attempt to log in again using your username and password.

4. Contact ShipStation Support

If you are still unable to log in, an account admin must contact ShipStation Support to request a password rest.

Password reset requests require the following:

  • The user contacting ShipStation MUST be an active Admin-level user on the account.

  • The username of the user unable to log into ShipStation.

  • The billing address and last four digits of the credit card used for the ShipStation subscription.

  • If you are the only user on the account and are unable to log in to submit a support case, provide the information needed in an email to