Printing Error Messages

Below is a list of a few common errors related to printing with ShipStation Connect:

ShipStation Connect is Offline

The ShipStation Connect application is not open, or ShipStation Connect is unable to communicate with your ShipStation account.

What to do: Check that ShipStation Connect is open on your computer and that you are logged in with the same email and password you are using to log in to the ShipStation website.

Print job failed to download

Something has blocked communication between ShipStation and ShipStation Connect.

What to do: Check for security apps, browser plug-ins, or other printing apps (like UPS Worldship) that can claim the printing process and make it unavailable to ShipStation Connect.

Print job failed to start

ShipStation Connect received the label from ShipStation successfully but was unable to transmit it to the printer driver.

What to do: Check for stuck jobs in the print queue, or security apps that may need to have ShipStation Connect added to its list of "safe" programs.

Uncaught Node.JS error

This can occur when you attempt to launch ShipStation Connect after a printer was physically disconnected from the USB port while ShipStation Connect was running.

What to do:

  1. Disconnect the printer

  2. On Windows, end the nw.exe task in the Task Manager, plug in the device, and relaunch ShipStation Connect.

  3. On a Mac, end the ShipStation Connect item in Activity Monitor, plug in the device, and relaunch ShipStation Connect.

  4. If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall ShipStation Connect.

Application Connect cannot be launched, please contact the manufacturer

The ShipStation Connect process cannot be accessed by your operating system.

What to do: Temporarily disable any security apps and try to open ShipStation Connect. For Windows users, also be sure all updates have been installed on your OS. ShipStation Connect relies on certain Windows components to be up to date in order to launch successfully.

If ShipStation shows the print job was sent successfully, but nothing prints and no error appears

This could mean you have a default printer configured, but set to an inactive instance of the device.

What to do: Go to Settings > Printing > Printing Setup and reset your default printer by clicking on the option in the Print To column. Select the device you want to use as the default printer. Then test print with this new connection.