Troubleshoot Shipment Issues

Steps to try if you are unable to get rates or create a label for a carrier in ShipStation. Includes common label and rate errors and how to skip warnings.

Shipment issues are any issue you may encounter when you try to create a label for a shipment. Typically these will be rate errors, where we are unable to get a rate for the shipment, or a label error, where we are able to get a rate but unable to create the label. There are many possible rate and label errors, so this article will help you identify the issue you are having and direct you on how to find the information needed to resolve it.

Follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below when you cannot get rates or create labels for a connected carrier in ShipStation.

  1. Check for Errors:

    Check for errors when you cannot get rates or create a label. Hover over the error indicator Orange triangle with white exclamation mark to view the error or message indicating what needs to be corrected.

    Rate error icon in the Configure Shipment window.

    The Common Label and Rate Errors article includes a list of the most common errors and steps you can take to resolve them. Compare the error you're seeing in ShipStation with the error table to see if there is a solution.

    Did viewing the error message assist you with correcting your issue?

    Green rectangular label that says "Yes" Yes. I was able to identify the cause of the error and fix it.


    Red rectangular label that says "No" No. I was not able to resolve the issue after viewing the error message.

    OK, review the carrier integration guide for possible solutions to the issue.

  2. Review the Carrier Integration Help Guide:

    Locate your carrier help article in our Carrier Integrations Guide to see if the issue you are encountering is specific to the carrier you are trying to use.

    Each article includes a list of available services, possible restrictions, and errors that could affect your ability to get a rate or create a label. When possible, we also include troubleshooting tips and links to partner resources that can help you address issues you encounter when creating labels.

    Did the integration guide help you to resolve the issue?

    Green rectangular label that says "Yes" Yes. I was able to identify the issue and resolve it.


    Red rectangular label that says "No" No. The integration guide did not assist me with correcting the issue.

    Please reach out to ShipStation support. We are happy to help.

Errors vs Warnings

When you're unable to proceed, that means you have an error rather than a warning. An error blocks you from creating a shipping label and requires you to make some kind of change before you can successfully create a label.

In ShipStation, warnings don't stop you from creating shipping labels. They exist to bring something to your attention that might influence your shipping decision.