ShipStation ODBC: Edit a Store

After adding an ODBC store to ShipStation you can use the ODBC application to edit the ODBC store settings.

Use the ODBC application's store edit screen to:

  • Edit the import and postback settings

  • Activate or deactivate an ODBC store or an ODBC store's postback option

Open the ODBC Store Edit Screen

  1. Locate and right-click on the ODBC icon Inline_ODBC_Icon.png in the System Tray. Then, select Open.

  2. Select the ODBC store you wish to edit and click the Edit button.


Activate or Deactivate a Store

  • Set an ODBC store as inactive by unchecking the Store Active checkbox. This sets the store as an inactive store in ShipStation.

    Check the Store Active checkbox to activate the store in ShipStation.

  • Deactivate the store's postback option by unchecking the Postback Active checkbox. With this option unchecked, shipment details will not be posted back to your data source when shipments are processed in ShipStation.

    Check the Postback Active checkbox to enable postback.


Click the Done button to exit the edit screen.

Edit Import and Postback Settings

Edit Import Settings

  1. Click the Edit Import Settings button.

  2. Use the Edit Import Settings wizard to modify the import settings.

Edit Postback Settings

  1. Click the Edit Postback Settings button.

  2. Use the Edit Postback Settings wizard to update the postback settings.

Click the Done button to exit the edit screen.