What's New in ShipStation Integrations

Our network of integration partners helps support your business wherever you sell and however you ship. ShipStation's newest carrier and order source integrations will be shared monthly on this page.

For more information on newly released features and updated functionality, see What's New in ShipStation.

USPS Rate Changes Jan 21st, 2024

The anticipated USPS annual rate changes go into effect Sunday, January 21st, 2024. Here are some highlights:

  • First Class Mail® (1oz) - Metered stamp will increase from 63 cents to 64 cents.

  • First Class Mail® prices will increase approximately 4.2%.

  • Ground Advantage® services will increase approximately 5.4% overall for Commercial (online postage) in 2024, with rates starting at $3.79 (previously $3.59).

  • Priority Mail® services will increase approximately 5.7% overall for Commercial (online postage) in 2024, with rates starting at $7.90 (previously $7.64).

  • Priority Mail Express® services will increase approximately 5.9% overall for Commercial (online postage) in 2024, with rates starting at $26.35 (previously $24.90).

  • Hazmat label updates: In addition to the rate changes, the USPS is making an adjustment to labels that include the Hazmat designation. An oversized letter "H" in the corner, addition of 2D barcodes, and inclusion of the word "HAZMAT" after "USPS TRACKING #." You don't need to take any action to comply with these changes other than indicate when a shipment is hazardous.

Please visit our USPS Rate Changes article for more details and resources about these updates.

GlobalPost Rates & Service Changes

On January 21, 2024, GlobalPost is making three noteworthy changes to its services:

  • Rates will increase by an average of 5.85%

  • GlobalPost Economy International will no longer support the Flats package type. If you wish to continue shipping merchandise in flats, you can do so using the Global Advantage Program (GAP) option.

  • When shipping from the US to Canada with GAP services, the prepay duties and taxes option for all available services is now $9.95. FCMI no longer has a different flat fee for prepayment.

New Shopify Feature: Import Harmonization Codes

We just released an exclusive and highly anticipated feature for ShipStation merchants who use our Shopify integration. You can now import Harmonization Codes from Shopify into the order's customs declarations in ShipStation.

Some benefits of this new feature include:

  • Better compliance for cross-border shipping

  • Trust that packages won't get stuck in customs

  • Enable this feature with a click inside ShipStation

Enable the Import Harmonization Codes feature on a per-store basis by going to Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup and choosing your Shopify store(s). Click Edit Shopify Settings in the General tab, and then check the box beside Import harmonization codes in the Modify Marketplace Settings pop-up. That's it!


If you set a 6-digit HS code for a product on Shopify’s side, we will auto-fill the customs declaration with the HS codes when we import orders containing that product. The item options will also include the Harmonization code in addition to options such as size and color attached to the SKU. There's no need to set this up separately in ShipStation.

About the Import Harmonization Codes Feature

  • The Harmonization System (HS) code will NOT be added to product defaults in ShipStation.

  • Shopify’s Import Harmonization Code feature overrides ShipStation's product information on the order. Customs Item Value and Country of Origin are exceptions to this override.

  • If you set  International Settings - Customs Declarations to Use Pre-Defined Values, ShipStation's International Customs Settings will override Shopify settings.

  • ShipStation only imports the 6-digit harmonization code. The 8-digit harmonization code is destination-specific, and will not import. HS codes for a product on Shopify’s side should never use 8-digit HS codes unless the item only ships internationally and to one destination.