Troubleshoot Customer Emails

Steps to take if your customer notification emails fail to send, use the incorrect template or branding, are sent to your customer's spam folder.

This article discusses troubleshooting steps for some common issues with customer email notifications from ShipStation. Click any of the sections below to see additional details.

Shipment Confirmation Failed to Send

If your customer notification did not send or you received a failed notification alert in ShipStation, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the cause and then resend the notification.

  1. Check the Email settings for the store in Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup to ensure the store is configured to send emails.

    Store Setup: Red boxes highlight Notifications tab & Shipment Confirmation Email: Default Shipping Template selected.
  2. Check the Email settings to see if you have enabled delayed notifications. If so, the notification will not be sent until the conditions are met.

    If using the condition of when the shipment first hits the mail stream, the service used for the shipment must support auto-tracking in ShipStation.

    Store Setup: Red boxes highlight Notifications tab & options for Send marketplace notification when.
  3. Confirm the order contains a valid email address.

    Amazon, Walmart, and Rakuten do not allow ShipStation to notify their customers and will not include valid email addresses when sending orders to ShipStation.

  4. Resend the notifications by selecting the shipment with the failed notification and click Other Actions > Send Notification.

Email Sent to Spam

If your customer notification emails consistently end up in your customer's spam folder, check the following to help prevent this from happening in the future.

  1. Avoid marketing language in your notification emails, as this can trigger many email provider's spam filters.

  2. Add your company email address in the Email field of your store setting's Branding tab.

    Be sure to verify the email address once you have saved your changes.


    Without this, email notifications will send from, which can trigger the email provider's spam filter.

  3. Do not add or include links in your signature. Emails with links in their signature Gmail will often send to spam.

Incorrect Branding or Template

If the email contains the wrong branding or used the wrong template, the template assigned to the order may have been changed either manually or by an automation rule.

  • Check your store's Emails tab to first ensure the correct template has been assigned to the store.

    Store Setup: Red boxes highlight Notifications tab & Shipment Confirmation Email: Default Shipping Template selected.
  • Check the Shipment Activity section in the order details to see if an automation rule applied and changed the selected template

Delivery Notification Not Sent

If your customers are not receiving their shipment delivery notifications:

  • Check that you have set the store to send Delivery Notifications in Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup.

  • Check that the service used for the shipment supports auto-tracking in ShipStation. If the service does not automatically send tracking updates to ShipStation, ShipStation cannot send a delivery confirmation email.