Troubleshoot Packing Slips

Steps to take if your packing slips are missing the logo or product images, use the incorrect branding or template, or the barcode scan fails.

This article discusses troubleshooting steps for some common issues with packing slips in ShipStation. Click any of the sections below to see additional details.

Store Logo Missing

If you expect your packing slips to print with your store logo, but the logo is missing, do the following:

  1. Check the store's Branding tab to ensure the store logo has been uploaded for each store.

  2. Make sure the uploaded file has a reasonable file size and dimensions.

    Large files can cause the file to not be sent before the packing slip is generated. Recommended max width is 300px, recommended resolution is 72dpi.

  3. Check the Packing Slip Document Options to ensure Include store logos on packing slips is checked.

    Packing Slip Setup popup. Format, Order Items by, Store Logo, Item Prices, Item SKUs, Scan to View barcode, & Item Locations.
  4. Check the packing slip template to ensure the [Store Logo] field replacement is included in the packing slip code (requires Silver plan or higher).

    Packing slip template editor with the Store Logo field replacement highlighted in the HTML code and field replacement menu
  5. Use PNG images with solid backgrounds only.

    PNG images with a transparent background can result in a black box when printing on packing slips.

Product Images Missing

If your ShipStation account shows product images in the order details, but they do not print on your packing slips as expected, do the following:

  1. Check the packing slip template to ensure the [Image Url] field replacement has been added to the Order Items section (requires Silver plan or higher).

    Order Items section of template with the Image URL entry highlighted

    If it is not present, add the HTML and select the [Image URL] option from the Field Replacements drop-down menu.

  2. Make sure the item's product records include a valid Image URL if the selling channel does not send the Image URL to ShipStation.

  3. Ensure the hosted image files are a reasonable file size and dimensions. Thumbnail images are recommended.

  4. Ensure any PNG images use solid backgrounds only.

    PNG images with a transparent background can result in a black box when printing on packing slips.

  5. If the issue is intermittent, the image host may not be responding to the ShipStation request fast enough and so the packing slip generates before we receive the image file.

Incorrect Branding or Template

If the packing slip contains the wrong branding or used the wrong template, the template assigned to the order may have been changed either manually or by an automation rule.

  • Check your store's Packing Slips tab to first ensure the correct template has been assigned to the store.

  • Check the Shipment Activity section in the order details to see if an automation rule applied and changed the selected template

Packing Slip Barcode Scan Fails

If you include the ShipStation Scan to View barcode on your packing slips, or you have added another type of barcode to the packing slip and the scan fails to pull up the order:

  1. Ensure you are using the correct barcode scan method.

    • ShipStation requires the Scan to View barcode to display an order's details on scan if you are not in the Barcode Scanning screen.

    • Other types of barcodes require the barcode scan search pop-up be active for the barcode scan to function in ShipStation.

  2. Ensure your packing slip template uses the [Barcode] field replacement.

    Barcode HTML highlighted in Order Footer section of template
  3. If it is using the correct barcode, the barcode size could be too small for the reader. Try adjusting the barcode size to make it bigger.

    To do this, add the size attribute to the barcode tag in your template footer:

    <barcode size="medium">[Barcode]</barcode>