Reship an Order

Explains the two options to reship an already shipped order - Restore the order or Create another Shipment.

Why would you need to reship an order?

You may occasionally have to reship an order you have already sent, perhaps as part of an exchange or to replace a lost shipment. Or, in some cases, orders may import into the Shipped status, but you still need to create a label for them.

Once an order is in the Shipped status, the shipment details cannot be edited. To create another label for the order you must either use the Create Another Shipment option or restore the order to Awaiting Shipment.

  • The Create Another Shipment button quickly creates a single label for one order.

  • The Restore option moves order(s) into the Awaiting Shipment status, where you can then create a label. This method also lets you use all the order management features available to those orders, including bulk updates and batch shipping.

Restoring an Order vs. Voiding a Label

When you need to make changes to an order that has already been shipped, we recommend restoring the order.

Voiding a label is recommended when you need to make changes to an order that you have created a label for but that has not been accepted or scanned in by the carrier.

Create Another Shipment

Using the Create Another Shipment button will create another label as well as another shipment record for the order, but this shipment record will not contain any items or item details.

The Create Another Shipment option is good if you need to quickly create a new label for just one order. You may also want to use this option if your carrier does not support multi-package shipments and the order must be shipped in multiple boxes but cannot be split in ShipStation.

Unable to Edit

Create Another Shipment does not create a new order, and you cannot add products to an order this way. If you need to create a new order, follow the process to create a new Manual Order instead.

Each shipment for the order will have its own unique tracking number. The tracking number is located in the Shipment Review Card for the selected shipment.

Notifications for Additional Shipments

Since these are new shipments, ShipStation will try to send new customer notification emails and marketplace notifications unless these options are first disabled for the shipment.

For a smoother notification process, the following options may work better for your needs:

These features are the most efficient methods to ensure your customers and marketplaces are updated properly.

Restore an Order to Awaiting Shipment

Restoring an order moves the order out of the Shipped status and into the Awaiting Shipment status. The Restore option is a good choice if you need to create new labels in bulk, rather than one at a time.

The restore process has only a few steps, and is the same whether you are moving a single order or many orders at once. There are two scenarios to be aware of, with slightly different results:

  • An order imports directly into the Shipped status but you need to create a label for it. These orders do not have a shipment record attached.

    In this scenario, the order will be moved into Awaiting Shipment. You can then create a label like you would for any other order. Any items in the order will be included in the shipment record created at that time.

  • You created a label for an order previously but need to create another. These orders do have a shipment record attached (as you created a label for this order in ShipStation previously).

    In this scenario, the order will be moved back into Awaiting Shipment. However, when you create the new label the new shipment record will not contain any items.

To restore an order to Awaiting Shipment status:

  1. Locate and select the order(s) in Shipped status on the Orders page.

  2. Click the Restore button to restore an order to Awaiting Shipment status.

    Box highlights the Restore button in the Actions bar on the Orders page

    The appropriate # of selected Order records will display in a pop-up to alert you that X Order(s) will be moved to the Awaiting Shipment status.

  3. Click Restore .

    Box highlights Restore button on Restore Orders popup.

That's it! You can now locate the orders in Awaiting Shipment to make any necessary updates and create new labels for them.