View Orders with a Barcode Scan

Explains ShipStation's Scan to View feature, how to use it, and how to add scan to view barcodes to packing slips and order summaries.

ShipStation's Scan to View barcode is a special barcode added to your packing slips that allows you to open the order's Order Details screen from anywhere in the ShipStation interface. Simply scan the barcode with your barcode scanner and ShipStation will open the Order Details screen for that order.

The Scan to View barcode is the default barcode that appears as the last element of ShipStation's default packing slips.

Example document using the ShipStation default packing slip template with Scan to View barcode. Red arrow points to barcode.

The Scan to View barcode works with both a standard barcode scanner and with ShipStation Mobile.

Add Scan to View Barcodes to Packing Slips

The Scan to View barcode will now appear on your default packing slips and any custom packing slips that use the [Barcode] field replacement.


If you have a Accelerate plan or higher, you can customise your Packing Slips to add the Scan to View barcode anywhere you wish or even use other types of barcodes

Add to Order Summary

You can also add this barcode to your Order Summaries.

This is how the Order Summary will look.

Sample of ShipStation Order Summary Report with closeup of barcode.