Package Level Detail Report

How to create a Package Level Detail Report with a shipment export.

You can create a Package Level Detail (PLD) report using ShipStation's custom export reports.

Carriers can use your PLD to analyze how you ship and then determine which services best suit your business needs and help you develop a strategy to save on postage rates.

A PLD typically includes the following fields:

  • Destination Postal Code

  • Origin Postal Code

  • Billed weight

  • Current service levels

  • Package

  • Length, Width, Height

ShipStation's shipment export fields include all of this information except billed weight and origin zip codes. However, ShipStation does export the Shipment Weight entered for the order in ShipStation and you can filter your report based on Ship From Location if you have locations with different postal codes.

Create and Export Custom PLD Report

First, you'll create and save the PLD export format, which you can then use anytime you wish to export a PLD. When you export your PLD, you'll then filter by Ship Date (and Ship From Location, if needed) and choose the saved PLD export format.

Create the PLD Export Format

Apply Filters and Export Your Report

Once you've saved your PLD export format, you can use it any time you need a new report.

In the Shipments tab:

Once you've saved your PLD export format, you can use it any time you need a new report.

Once complete, the CSV file will download to your browser's default download location. You may then send to your carrier, or make any adjustments to the CSV and save it (like adding an Origin Postal Code column) before sending.

Alternate PLD Method

If you do not want to set up a custom export template, you can do the following as an alternate method of creating a Package Level Detail report.