The Label Queue

Describes what the Label Queue is, how to access it, and what actions are available within the Label Queue.

The Label Queue stores your most recently created single labels and batches so you can easily access and print them from anywhere in the app.

To view the Label Queue, click the Label Queue icon in the top right toolbar. 

Top right toolbar with the label printer icon highlighted.

Whether or not you have the Label Queue open, there will be a small notification in the toolbar to let you know how many labels have been processed since the last time you checked.

shows Label Queue with Order numbers, & available actions

The Label Queue displays either the ten most recent requests or only the requests from the past two days, whichever number is smaller. Your newest label requests will be at the top.

Actions Available in the Label Queue

  • Print labels, packing slips, and pick lists via the links within each request, or select multiple requests and use the bulk Print action.

  • Archive the labels you've already processed. This action clears out the Label Queue.

  • Mark labels as printed. For Legacy users only. For users on the new layout, ShipStation automatically marks labels as printed when you print them.

Change the Ship Date

It is not possible to change a shipment's Ship Date from the Label Queue, but this can be done from the Order Details Window before you create the label. You can also void the existing shipping label and create a new label with the desired Ship Date.

Learn more about changing a Ship Date.

If there's a problem during label creation or batch processing, the Label Queue provides a direct link to that order's Order Details screen with a note corresponding to the failure(s).

Label Queue. Red box highlights Batch Fail notification, red arrow points to Order number and explanation for failure.

Within a request, click on the # Failed link and then on the individual orders to try to resolve any issues within their respective Order Details screens. When done, close out of those Order Details screens and then click Retry all failures to reattempt your request.