Print Labels with a Batch

Batches are a way to organize shipments into groups for more efficient shipment management. To start a Batch, you must first create the batch and then add shipments to it. Once created, you can assign batches to other users or begin working in the batches.

Printing Labels within a batch is what we refer to as processing a batch. You can process individual or multiple orders within a batch or process multiple batches at once.

Once the process begins, you can continue to work while ShipStation creates the labels in the background.

Check Batch Errors

You might encounter two types of errors when processing a batch:

  • Validation errors and warnings

    These types of errors occur if shipments lack necessary information to create a label, like a Ship From Address, shipping service or package type, weight, or customs declarations for international orders. 

  • Purchase and notification errors

    Purchasing errors occur at the time ShipStation attempts to purchase the label from the carrier and can include billing errors or other account related errors.

    Notification errors occur after the label is created when ShipStation attempts to notify either the marketplace or customer about the shipment. 

These errors will appear in the Label Batch Status pop-up and in the Label Queue. See the Troubleshoot Batch Errors guide for details on how to address these types of errors.