Product Preset Groups

How to create and apply Product Preset Groups to apply automation for similar products.

If you ship many of your products the same way every time, you may find it tedious to set up product defaults for each individual product. Preset Groups allow you to apply the same shipping settings to a group of products.

You can think of Preset Groups as a special kind of product default that includes shipping options and customs information, just like individual product defaults. When a product is part of a Preset Group, ShipStation will apply the Preset Group options, unless there's a specific product default set to override it.

Preset Group Use Case Example

Let's say your company specializes in hats and shirts. Your hats and shirts come in different colors, sizes, and designs. You find that even though you're selling thousands of technically unique products when you're shipping single-item orders, the only thing that you look at when choosing the shipping option is whether it's a hat or a shirt.

Since an order for any single hat will ship one way, and an order for any single shirt will ship another, you can create one Preset Group for Hats and one for Shirts then apply the Preset Group to the relevant products. This way, should you ever need to adjust the product automation all you need to do is edit the Preset Group instead of updating all the individual products.

Combining Preset Groups and Product Defaults

Sometimes, it may be beneficial to use both Preset Groups and individual Product Defaults.

Using the above example again, let's say that most shirts weigh 8 oz in their package, and you use First Class Mail as the shipping service.

You would create a Preset Group using that information and apply it to all the shirts. However, you recently began carrying a XXL version of a shirt that also has a heavily embossed logo, which increases the weight to 10 oz. Instead of removing the Preset Group from the product, you could just add the weight as a Product Default. This will override the Preset Group weight for this one product.

This means when an order imports for the XXL shirt, ShipStation will still use the shipping service dictated by the Preset Group but will use the 10 oz weight value stored as the product default.

Access Preset Groups

To access Preset Groups, go into the Preset Group section in the Products tab. Here, you can view existing Preset Groups and add new ones by clicking the Add Preset Group button.

V3 Products sidebar menu with Preset Groups selected and arrow pointing to Add Preset group button.

You can set the following Product Defaults in Preset Groups:

  • Domestic shipping service, package, and confirmation type

  • International shipping service, package, and confirmation type

  • Weight

  • Dimensions

  • Do not create customs declarations for products which use this Preset Group

  • Customs description

  • Customs declared value

  • Customs harmonization code

  • Customs origin country

Add Preset Group details screen

Apply Preset Groups

After you have created the Preset Group, there are two ways you can apply it to your products:

  1. In the Shipping tab of the Product Detail window, use the Preset Group drop-down menu to set it for the individual product.

    Shipping defaults tab with arrow pointed to Preset group dropdown.
  2. In the Products tab, select multiple products and click the Add Preset Group button. Select the Preset Group you wish to add to the selected products.

    Product action menu with red box marking the Apply Preset Group action.

Adding a Preset Group to a product will not change any of the individual product defaults. Instead, if a Preset Group is applied, the value set by the Preset Group will appear italicized underneath the product default field.

Product Details Shipping defaults Preset group applied.