Automatically Apply the Lowest Rates

ShipStation has a new feature that will automatically identify and select the lowest cost shipping service for your shipments. This new feature is called Shipping Strategies. Future iterations of this feature will include the ability to compare other aspects of a set of services, like automatically apply the fastest service.

The way the automatic lowest cost selection works is by comparing the rates of services you define, then assigning the service with the lowest cost to the selected order(s). Once you create the strategies with the services you’d like to use, they will be available in the Services menu to select when configuring shipments, or you can create an automation rule to apply automatically.

Create a Shipping Strategy

To create a lowest cost shipping strategy:

  1. Go to Shipping and select Shipping Strategies.

  2. Click the Create a Strategy button.

  3. Give the Strategy a Name.

    This name will be what appears in the drop-down menu on the Configure Shipment Widget.

  4. Select the services that you want associated with this strategy.


    These will be the services ShipStation will compare when this strategy is selected for an order.

  5. Click Save Strategy to finish.

Using Shipping Strategies

Once you have created a strategy, it will appear at the top of the Services menu drop-down. When you select a strategy, ShipStation will compare all services and apply lowest cost rate to the shipment. The winning service will appear in the rate section of the shipment widget.

Manually Apply a Shipping Strategy

You apply a strategy the same way you would apply a service. Select an order and click the Service drop-down menu. The strategies appear at the top and the rest of the available services below. Choose your desired strategy.

Apply Shipping Strategy in Bulk

When you select multiple orders, you can apply a shipping strategy from the Configure Shipment Widget or the Bulk Actions menu.

Automate Shipping Strategies

Shipping Strategies can be applied as an action in automation rules. When you create an automation rule, select Set Shipping Strategy from the Action Type drop-down menu, then set the Shipping Strategy you want the rule to apply.