Pick Lists

Explains what pick lists are, how to print them, what customisation options are available, and other important notes.

Pick Lists are documents that list what items need to be picked from your warehouse and in what quantity. 

Sample of ShipStation's Pick List

ShipStation Product Pick List example document

This pick list has all options enabled, is summarized by SKU, and items are ordered by # of items (most to least). 

ShipStation's Pick Lists include: 

  • Item SKUs

  • Item Name

  • Warehouse Location

    ShipStation pulls this value from the Product Details > Shipping > Warehouse Location field.

  • Quantity Required, per item and total

  • Order numbers for each item

  • Item image thumbnails, if available

  • The date and time the list was printed

Print a Pick List

You can print a Pick List from several locations in ShipStation.

The Orders or Shipments tab is likely the most efficient option for printing a Pick List since you can select multiple orders or shipments, and all items will be included in the Pick List.

Select one or more orders or shipments, click the Print button, then choose Pick List.

Orders Tab Print Menu
Orders tab with an arrow pointing to print menu with drop-down options revealed
Shipments Tab Print Menu
Shipped tab, Print menu is expanded and the menu options shown in the drop-down are marked

To print a Pick List for an individual order, use the Print menu in the Orders grid Shipping Sidebar or the Print menu in the Order Details window.

Orders Grid Sidebar
Orders tab shipping sidebar. A box highlights the Print menu with its dropdown options.
Order Details Print Menu

Pick List for a Single Shipment

  1. Select the shipment in the Shipments panel.

    A new shipment tab has been created and selected.
  2. Click the Shipment Actions drop-down and select Print > Pick List.

    Click shipment actions and select print > pick list.

Pick Lists for all Shipments on an Order

Click the Print All drop-down and select Pick List.

Shipment Details Print Menu

To print a Pick List for an individual shipment on an order, use the Print menu in the Shipment Details screen.

Shipment Detail Print menu with Pick List option highlight.

Open the Shipment Details screen by clicking on a shipment number or double-clicking a shipment in the Shipments grid.

Customise Your Pick Lists

ShipStation pick lists have a few customisation options, located in the Pick List Document Options.

Pick List Document Options

Pick lists provide details about items in the selected orders including SKUs, Descriptions (Item Names from the orders), Warehouse Location, and quantity. Use pick lists if you need a list of all the items to pick for a set of orders, which you can then sort into their corresponding shipments later. The options for pick lists allow you to choose how your pick lists appear.

Pick List Printing Setup popup. Options include: Summarize By, Order Items by, Product Images, Order Number, Product SKU

Pick List Document Options are account-wide settings.



Summarize By

Allows you to consolidate the same items into a single row with the total quantity or list each item needed individually. 

Options are: 

  • SKU

  • Name

  • SKU and Name

  • Do not summarize items (list each item individually)

Order Items By

Determines the sequence the items print on the pick list. 

Options are: 

  • SKU

  • Name

  • # of items

  • Warehouse location

  • Warehouse location then SKU

Product Images

Allows you to show or hide item thumbnail images, if they are available. 

Order Number(s)

Allows you to show or hide the order numbers associated with each product. 

Product SKU

Allows you to use the product SKU assigned in ShipStation rather than the SKU imported from the selling channel if they are different.

Zero Quantity Items

Allows you to show or hide line items from the pick list if they have a quantity of 0.

Notes About Pick Lists

  • When printing a pick list for an order or multiple orders, ShipStation will include all items on the selected order(s) on the Pick List, regardless of whether multiple shipments exist on the orders.

  • When printing a pick list for a shipment or multiple shipments, ShipStation will include only the items on the selected shipments. If additional shipments exist on an order, but are not selected when you print the pick list, those items will not be included on the pick list.

  • For product image thumbnails to appear on pick lists when that document option is enabled, the image URL for the product must either be present in the Product Record or have been included in the order data sent from the selling channel. 

  • Enabling product images for pick lists may cause ShipStation to take longer creating the pick list when a large number of orders or shipments is selected.