Using Quickship

The Quickship feature allows you to skip alerts, cost summary, and print confirmation steps after clicking Create Label.

The Quickship feature allows you to skip the Label Cost Summary Screen and alerts in your create and print label workflow. Quickship is ideal for experienced shippers who are confident in their shipping workflow and automate many of the shipping configuration tasks.

When enabled, the users on your account can enter Quickship Mode so with a single click they can set batches to create labels in the background and skip the Cost Summary and print selection pop-up.


The Benefits of Quickship

Quickship makes your label creation workflow more efficient by doing the following:

  • It skips the cost review screen which asks you to confirm the label rate, allows for one-time postage balance purchases, overrides the scheduled ship date, and displays warnings that may influence your shipping decisions.

  • It allows you to customise which pop-ups and alerts you do and do not wish to see when you create labels.

  • It routes label processing to the background via the Label Queue so that you can seamlessly move on to shipping the next order.

  • It consolidates recently created labels in the Label Queue so that you have the option to print all of those queued labels in bulk rather than one at a time.

  • You can configure Quickship so labels print out of your Connect-enabled printer as soon as they're done processing in the Label Queue without any additional interactions.

Enable Quickship

Quickship must be enabled at the account-level to be available to use. Once enabled, you can then customise the settings for Quickship for each user. Each user on the account can then choose to use Quickship or not when creating labels.

Quickship Settings

Once you have enabled Quickship for the account, the Quickship settings will appear in your Workflow Settings screen.

These settings allow you to decide which label processing steps will run in the background when you are in Quickship Mode. These settings will apply at the user-level, which means you can set unique Quickship settings for each user.

To access your Quickship Settings:

You can then select which steps will and will not run in the background while in Quickship Mode.

  • Show Warnings

  • Show Errors

  • Show Cost Summary

  • Show Label Batch Status

  • Show Print Dialog Preview

Be sure to save your changes!

The Quickship Mode drop-down on the Orders tab will show each user which pop-ups and alerts they should expect to see when in Quickship Mode.


Using Quickship

To use Quickship when creating labels, you must enter Quickship Mode. When Quickship is active on your account, the Quickship icon ICON_QuickshipMode.png will appear next to the Create Label button. Click the Quickship icon to enter or exit Quickship Mode.

  • If Quickship Mode is already on, the Create Label button and the Quickship icon will both be blue and you can immediately start creating labels.

  • If Quickship Mode is off, the Create Label button will be green and the Quickship icon will be grey.


    You'll need to turn Quickship Mode on before you can utilize it to create your labels. Otherwise, ShipStation will continue to use the non-Quickship flow.

To exit Quickship Mode, click the Quickship icon and set it to Off. The Create Label button will return to its green state.

Notes about Using Quickship

  • If you are using a pay-on-create carrier (like USPS or ShipStation Carrier Services), we highly recommend enabling auto-funding when using Quickship, as you will no longer see alerts about insufficient funds.

  • Set your shipping cutoff time so ShipStation automatically rolls the scheduled Ship Date forward after a certain time of day.

  • If any part of the label-creation process fails, check the Label Queue for details.

  • Be aware of potential  warnings Quickship will skip. There are two specific warnings that will prevent labels from being created with Quickship:

    • "This order has already been shipped." Quickship is valid only for the initial shipment of an order.

    • "Inventory Warning: Stock level has not been provided." If you have Track Inventory enabled in your ShipStation account, you must set stock levels for tracked items otherwise the label will fail on orders containing items with no set stock level.