Create Multi-Package Labels

How to create multi-package labels with carriers that support this feature.

A multi-package shipment is a single shipment that contains multiple boxes. The shipment will consist of a master tracking number with child tracking numbers for any additional labels. ShipStation allows you to configure each box with its own weight, dimensions, and insurance settings. 

If an order needs to be contained in a single shipment but is too large or too fragile to fit into a single box, create a multi-package shipment. 

A multi-package label will only count as one shipment when considering fees or shipment limits.

Not Supported by All Carriers, Browsers and Orders

  • If the multi-package icon is not present for the selected carrier, use the Create Another Shipment option to create additional labels after you create the first shipment.

  • Some labels may be left blank when printing multi-package labels using certain FedEx services in the Google Chrome browser. To resolve this issue, preview and print the label using an alternate browser.

  • For additional information about carriers, browsers, and orders that do not support multi-package see Notes About Multi-Package Labels.

Create a Multi-Package Shipment

The number of packages for this shipment will be displayed next to the package drop-down menu.

Configure Shipment Widget. At right of Package dropdown that reads, "Multi Package", Red box highlights Plus 2, for two packages in Order

To modify any packages on this shipment, click the plus sign + to reopen the Multi-Package Shipment editor.

Click Create + Print Label to print all associated labels for the multi-package shipment. 

Multi-package labels will print the same way they do for any other shipment; only there will be more of them. Each individual package will have its own tracking number and label, but there will be a master tracking number that will track all included packages. This master tracking number will appear in the Tracking # column for the shipment and will also be the tracking number sent to your marketplace and customer.

See our Add Insurance to Shipments article to learn how to apply insurance for multi-package shipments.

Carrier Multi-Package Limits

Carriers will have a maximum number of packages allowed for a multi-package shipment. Here are the multi-package maximums for some of ShipStation most common integrated carriers:


Maximum Packages





DHL Express


Package Sets

If you regularly enter the same multi-package details over and over, consider using a Package Set to apply those details using fewer clicks.

A package set is a group of component packages that can include:

  • The number of component packages

  • Dimensions for each component package

  • The weight for each component package

  • An insured value for each component package

The set will automatically assign to the shipment and then be available to apply to future shipments under the Apply Package Set drop-down.

To apply a package set, choose the saved Package Set from the Apply Package Set drop-down in the Multiple-Package Shipping pop-up.

You cannot currently edit existing package sets, but you can delete them by clicking on the Apply Package Set menu and clicking the X icon next to the set name. Once deleted, the name can be used with a new package set.

Notes About Multi-Package Labels

  • FedEx One Rate® shipments do not support multi-package shipping options.

  • The multi-package option is not applicable for return labels. If you require return labels in this scenario, consider splitting the order into multiple shipments to generate a return for each order.

  • ShipStation's shipment notification email will include only the master tracking number. To send the additional tracking numbers to your customers, you must do so outside of ShipStation.

  • You cannot customize descriptions for Package #1, Package #2, Package #3, etc for multi-package labels.

  • The Rate Browser will not show rates for multi-package shipments. The icon will not be visible on orders with multiple packages.

  • If you need to void a label for a multi-package shipment, you must void the master tracking number. This cancels all the child labels in the shipment. You cannot void an individual label within the multi-package shipment. You must then create a new multi-package shipment to generate labels and tracking numbers for each package.