Remove an Inventory Warehouse

Explains the steps required to delete an inventory warehouse from ShipStation's internal inventory feature.

Your Inventory Warehouse is connected to many other parts of ShipStation. You must first unlink an Inventory Warehouse from its three connected elements before you can delete it.

This process requires the following four steps:

  1. Remove all inventory stock from Products attached to the Warehouse

  2. Unlink the Warehouse from its Ship From Location(s)

  3. Delete all Locations from the Warehouse

  4. Delete Inventory Warehouse.


If any of the first three steps listed above are left incomplete, you will receive the following error when you attempt to delete an Inventory Warehouse:

Error popup. Can't Delete Inventory Warehouse: it's linked to one or more ship from locations, has one or more warehouse location, has stock

Remove Inventory Stock

All products with any stock level tied to an Inventory Warehouse must be removed.

Unlink Warehouse from the Ship From Location

Next, you'll need to make sure that this Warehouse Location is not linked as an Inventory Source for a specific Ship From Location.

Delete Warehouse Locations

Finally, any Warehouse Locations tied to the Inventory Warehouse must also be deleted.

Delete Inventory Warehouse

Now that you are back at the Inventory Warehouse page and nothing is connected to this Inventory Warehouse, click Delete to remove your Inventory Warehouse.

Inventory Warehouses. Red box highlights Delete button.