How do I hide $0 products or coupons on my packing slips?

If you provide freebies, samples, or discount coupons on some orders, you may not want those items printing on your packing slips.

To hide them, go to the Packing Slip Template in your template settings and do the following:

Hide $0 products:

  1. Add the following code to the top of the Order Header section:

     .customStyle {}
     .customStyle1 {
       visibility: hidden;
       line-height: 0px;
  2. Click the Order Items section.

  3. Replace the opening <tr> tag with the following:

    <tr class="customStyle[Extended Price Zero]">
  4. Click Save.

To also hide $0 coupons:

  1. Add the following code above the </style> tag in the Order Header section:

     .adjustment1 {
      display: none;
  2. Add the following to the <tr> tag you pasted in the Order Items section, after the [Extended Price Zero] field replacement:

  3. Click Save.