Can I import Shopify order tags and fraud risk assessment?

How to identify Shopify orders based on fraud status.

Yes. Any of the three Custom Fields in ShipStation can be mapped to accept order tags or the fraud risk assessment.

To import Shopify Order Tags or Fraud Risk assessment:

  1. Click Edit Store Details next to your Shopify store.

  2. Click Edit Shopify Settings button.

  3. Select the Order Tags or Fraud Risk option from the Custom Fields drop-down under Custom Field Mappings section.

    Modify marketplace settings with Fraud Risk selected from the Custom Field 1 dropdown menu

Once enabled, ShipStation will add the Shopify order tags or fraud assessment to the chosen custom field when present for the order.

You can use the information in Custom Fields to filter orders or as criteria in automation rules to tag the order, put it on hold for further review, or perform any other automation action you prefer.

Other Shopify Fields

ShipStation can map several other Shopify fields to custom fields. Visit the Shopify integration guide for details on what type of data you can map to the ShipStation Custom Fields 1 - 3.