What is third-party billing?

Third-party billing is a ShipStation feature that allows you to charge a shipment's label to a third-party account (that is, a postage account not connected to ShipStation). You may want to use this feature if you have an agreement with the shipment's recipient, or another third-party, that they will pay for the billing fees.

You will need the third party's postage account number and postal code to configure third-party shipping in ShipStation.

Third-party billing is only available for the following postage provider accounts:

ShipStation will send the billing details to the selected carrier and the carrier will then bill the correct account.


  • If this is something you will do regularly, consider using Automation Rules to automatically apply third-party billing to your orders. Be sure the rule first sets the shipping service and package type correctly, then adds the third-party account details!

  • The Recipient and Third-Party designations are for information and reporting purposes only. Either option will tell the carrier to charge the entered account.

  • The third-party account must be approved by the carrier for third-party billing. If you receive an error when attempting to create a label with third-party billing, check with the account owner to ensure the carrier has approved the account for third-party billing.