How do I use Pickup Locations?

For some integration partners, ShipStation now supports the ability to ship from your marketplace to Pickup Locations. Here is how that works in ShipStation.

  1. Your marketplace will let ShipStation know that the customer selected a pickup option at checkout.

  2. ShipStation will then send a label request to the carrier. This will include the address of the location the customer selected, and if required by the carrier, a pickup indicator (usually some type of ID from their API).

  3. Send the shipment as you normally would.

Order Details for Pickup Orders will look different.

When an order gets shipped to a pickup location instead of the recipient's mailing address, the Order Details information for these orders will display differently from regular orders.

The Recipient information section of Order Details will show a heading that will read Pickup Location instead of Ship To. The address of the pickup location will not be editable.

To learn more, see this list of articles about our current integrations that support Pickup Locations:

Details about Pickup Locations

  • You will need to manage settings and details for each local pickup location on the marketplace website. This will not be a ShipStation setting that you can add or edit.

  • If the customer chooses to pick up at a locker, retail store, etc., we will only have the address of the location itself. There will not be a way to edit the pickup location from within ShipStation.