Scan to Print

Explains ShipStation's Scan to Print feature, how to use it, and additional need-to-know information.

The Scan to Print feature allows you to print labels by scanning a barcode. If you pick, pack, and assign shipping parameters to your orders, Scan to Print allows you to weigh packages and print labels in quick succession!

Scan to Verify & Print

ShipStation's new layout has enhanced the Scan to Print feature to include product verification! The Scan to Verify & Print feature allows you to scan your product barcodes and ensure each shipment includes all the correct products before you ship it.

Check out our Scan to Verify & Print article for details on how this works.

Before you begin, here is what you need: 

  • Install ShipStation Connect and sign in (if not already installed and running).

  • Connected label printer.

  • A barcode scanner.

  • Packing slips with a Scan to View Barcode or an order number barcode.

  • Preconfigured shipment weights or a USB scale.

  • If using a balance-funded postage provider, auto-funding MUST be enabled.

Watch the tutorial video or skip ahead to the step-by-step instructions.

Scan to Print Tutorial Video

This video guides you through the steps to use ShipStation's Scan to Print feature for the first time.

ShipStation Legacy Layout

This content features ShipStation's legacy layout and may not exactly reflect your current ShipStation layout experience.

Use Scan to Print

Notes on Scan to Print

  • Before scanning and printing, orders must have the following information:

    • A Ship From Location

    • Shipping Service

    • Package Type

    Apply Presets by Scanning a Barcode

    You can apply these settings by scanning a barcode preset sheet while in the Scan to Print screen.

  • Currently, Scan To Print requires a rate to generate a label, thus carriers that don't return rates will not work with Scan to Print.

  • If you scan the packing slip for an order that has already had a label generated, you can print the existing label by pressing P or scanning the Purchase and Print Label barcode.

  • If the order weight is 0 but the service/package combination allows it (like flat rate services), the rate will be displayed in orange.