Split Orders Into Multiple Shipments

Use the Split Orders into Shipments option for orders with multiple items that you need to ship separately. You may need to do this because they ship from different locations, an item is not in stock or many other reasons. Orders can only be split prior to creating a label.

Check If Your Marketplace Supports Partial Fulfilment Statuses.

We recommend you verify that your marketplace supports the partial fulfilment status before splitting orders in ShipStation.

This confirmation is especially important with regard to customer notifications because some marketplaces may notify customers that the entire order is fulfilled when only the first shipment has been created. We suggest using ShipStation’s customer email notifications in this case so ShipStation can send notifications per shipment.

What is the Split Shipments Feature?

The Split Orders into Shipments option allows you to create separate shipments within a single order, with each shipment containing the items you specify. Each shipment also has its own shipment details, tags, notes, notification templates, and packing slip template.

Minimum Screen Resolution

The Split Orders into Shipments feature may not display or function properly at screen resolutions lower than 1280 x 1024. Please make sure your screen resolution is at least 1280 x 1024 or higher before using this feature.

By default, all of the items in an order live in a single shipment. The Order Details screen shows this shipment with all of its items in the Shipment section.

Order Details screen shows order with multiple items connected to the configure shipment widget.

After you have split items into multiple shipments, the Shipment section in the Order Details screen will display each shipment with the selected items.

Split Shipment screen highlighting the shipment indicators and Split Ship Mode option enabled.

Branded Returns Portal and Split Shipments

Currently, split shipments will not be able to use the Branded Returns feature in ShipStation. If you offer your customers the Branded Returns option, they will not be able to complete their return request if the order has been split into multiple shipments.

Split Order Items Into Multiple Shipments

This short GIF demonstrates the process within the Order Details screen.

In order details, enable split ship, move item to new shipment, create label.

You don't have to create the labels right away. Neither are you limited to configuring the shipments inside the Order Details screen.

Once you split items into multiple shipments, each shipment will appear as a row in your Order Details grid. If any of the shipments contain more than one item, you can click the disclosure triangle to the left of the order to display all the items contained within that shipment.


You can select either row individually or together in the grid and configure the shipping in the Shipping Sidebar, just like you would for any other order. Once you create a label for one, that row moves to the Shipped status and creates a shipment record in your Shipments tab.