Use Shipping Presets

This article defines shipping presets, how to create and manage them, and how to apply them to orders.

Shipping presets allow you to set various shipping configurations in advance and apply them quickly through the Presets menu or using Hotkeys. 

A preset can contain the following settings: 

  • Ship From Location

  • Shipping Service

  • Package Type

  • Confirmation

  • Insurance

  • Weight

  • Size (package dimensions)

Set as few or as many as you need in each preset, and assign a Hotkey combination to each preset if desired. 

Create & Manage Presets

View a short demo of this process in the GIF below:

GIF demonstrates how to Add a Preset from the Other Actions menu.

Edit or Delete a Preset

Apply a Preset

You can manually apply a shipping preset to single orders or multiple orders. 

ShipStation will apply the preset settings to the order(s) and automatically return rates when possible. 

Apply Preset to a Single Order

Apply Preset to Multiple Orders

Scan Barcodes in Place of Using Hotkeys

If you use a barcode scanner in your shipping workflow, try printing your preset Hotkeys as barcodes. This allows you to scan the barcode instead of using your keyboard to apply presets more quickly.

You can print a sheet of your presets as barcodes by clicking Print Hotkeys & Barcodes in the Manage Presets window.


Notes About Presets

  • Hotkeys: If you have assigned a hotkey to a preset, you can use the hotkey to apply presets either individually or in bulk.

  • You cannot currently use automation to apply presets.

    For more information on using automation to configure shipping options, review our Automation articles.