Quickstart Set Shipping Options

Explains how to set a shipment's ship from location, dimensions, weight, service type, and other options.

You must set your shipping options before you can get a rate and create a label. 

Shipping options include: 

You'll set these shipping options in the Configure Shipment Widget, which you can access either in the sidebar of the Orders grid or an order's Order Details screen. 

Orders Grid Shipping Sidebar:

Orders grid with an order selected and the configure shipment widget highlighted in the sidebar

Oder Details Screen:


Select a Ship From Location

The Ship From Location is the address where your packages ship from. This information is required before the carrier will return a rate or create a label.

If you added a Ship From Location while in the Onboard screen, ShipStation will have automatically selected this location for you. However, if you did not yet create one, you must add one now.

To add your first Ship From Location, select an order in your Orders grid and do the following:

  1. Click Add Ship From Location in the Shipping Sidebar.

  2. Enter the location name, then fill in the address you will be shipping your packages from.

    If your Return Address will be different, be sure to uncheck the Same as Ship From Address box and fill in your Return Address as well.

  3. Click Save Location.

    Gif shows selecting an order, clicking the add ship from link and adding the ship from address to the popup

You are now ready to set your shipping service, package, weight, and other shipping options.

Set Weight, Service, and Other Options

Set your weight, service, package type, insurance, and other options in the Configure Shipment Widget

Demo that sets shipment service, package, weight, and package dimensions in the Shipping Sidebar

Required Settings


Type in the weight, use the arrows, or use a scale with ShipStation Connect to auto-detect the weight.

Shipping Service

The available services will depend on which carrier accounts you have connected to ShipStation

For accounts with multiple carriers, the services will be organized by carrier.

Package Type

The available package types will depend on the carrier you have selected. 


Dimensions are required for all services that use dimensional or volumetric weight.

You may get a rate without dimensions, however, many carriers reserve the right to post-bill additional charges if dimensions are not included and dimensional weight applies to the service.

Additional Options


Carrier insurance: Add insurance provided by the carrier. Set the amount above the default amount.

External: If you have third-party insurance, you can indicate so here. This option is meant for reporting purposes only, and performs no other function within ShipStation


Available options will depend upon your selected shipping service.

Other Shipping Options

Includes options like Saturday Delivery, Include a Return Label, and 3rd Party Billing.

Available options will depend upon your selected shipping service.

Configure Shipment Widget

Get a Shipping Rate

Once you have configured your shipping options, ShipStation will automatically contact the carrier for the rate and display it in the Rate field of the Configure Shipment Widget and the Rate column in the Orders grid.


To view rates for other carriers or services, simply select a different service and ShipStation will update the rate automatically. 

You are now ready to create your label!

Automate Your Workflow!

ShipStation can automate much of these processes. To learn how, review the articles about Automation

Configure Shipment WidgetConfigure Shipment Widget