Quickstart Post-Shipping Tasks

Explains how to accomplish several post shipping tasks like tracking, notifying customers, reprinting, and voiding a label.

After you have shipped a parcel, you may want to check the store notifications and track the shipment. 

ShipStation provides tools to check both, as well as the ability to reprint and void labels. 


ShipStation notifies your selling channel of the shipment as soon as you create a label. You can check the status of the notifications in the following locations:

  1. The Shipment Details

    Shipment Details with Smart Tracking icons highlighted.

    Open the Shipment Details by clicking on the shipment number or double-clicking the shipment record in the Shipments grid.

  2. The Shipments Grid

    Shipping grid with shipment highlighted and arrow pointing to Columns menu.

    Click the Shipments tab to access the Shipments grid. Each notification has its own column in the grid.

Status Color


Light Grey

The notification has not been attempted.

These notifications contain no additional text.

Dark Grey

The notification occurred successfully.

These notifications will also include the text Notified or Sent.


The notification failed. These notifications will also include the text Failed.

To view the failure reason, hover your cursor over the red icon.

To resend the notification, go to the Other Actions menu in the Shipments tab and choose Send Notification

Shipment Notification Emails

If you'd like ShipStation to send shipment notification emails directly to your customers, please review the Customer Notifications article.

Track Shipments

ShipStation displays a shipment’s tracking number in both the Order and Shipment Details screens, as well as the Tracking # column in the Shipments grid.

Order details Shipments Sidebar. Arrows point to tracking number links.
Shipping grid with examples in Tracking # column highlighted.

Click the tracking number to view the progress of the shipment on the carrier’s tracking page.

To ensure you have the most recent tracking information, choose Update Tracking.

Shipments tab: shows an order selected with box around the Update Tracking button.

For certain carriers and services, ShipStation also receives automatic tracking updates that will indicate whether the shipment is In Transit  Tracking In-transit icon. Black truck silhouette, facing right, with speed lines. and Delivered  Tracking Delivered icon: White checkmark inside of a black circle directly in ShipStation.


Not all carriers and services support auto-update tracking. Please view the list of supported services.

Reprint a Label

To reprint a label you have already created:

  1. Select the shipment in the Shipments grid.

  2. Click the Print menu and choose Label.

    Shipments tab, Print menu, select Label option highlighted

    A warning will appear alerting you that the label has already been printed.  

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Select your printer in the Print Label popup window and click Print.

Reprinting a label does not count against your shipment limit and does not charge additional postage. The label is the same label with the same tracking number you already created.

Void a Label

To void a label in ShipStation:

  1. Click the Shipment # in the Shipments grid.

    This will open the Shipment Details window.

  2. Click Other Actions then Void Label.

    Shipment Details, Other Actions menu, with Void Label option selected.
  3. Click Continue in the pop-up that appears.

    A message will appear to let you know if the label has been successfully voided.

Authentication Failed Error Message

If you void a USPS label and receive this error message, it could be that you have updated your Stamps.com password but haven't updated the password in ShipStation.

To fix this error, go to Settings >> Shipping >> Carriers & Fulfillment and 'Edit' your Stamps.com account. You can 'reauthorize' using your updated password and confirm when you are done.

Review our Void Labels article to see other ways to void labels in ShipStation.

For carriers that charge you as soon as you create a label (like USPS or the ShipStation balance-based carriers), the label amount will be refunded to your postage balance right away. For post-billed carriers (like UPS or FedEx), no refund is necessary since you are charged only for labels you actually use.

Voiding a label will move the order from the Shipped status back to the Awaiting Shipment status. The voided label will appear in your Order Details Shipment Activity section with a strikethrough over the text.

Shipment Activity panel with a voided shipment.