Quickstart Create a Label

Explains how to create a label once the shipping options have been configured.

Once you have set your shipping options and received a rate, click the Create + Print Label button. 


Depending on the carrier you've selected, you may then see the Cost Review screen.

The Cost Review Screen

The Cost Review screen details the costs for the label(s) you are about to create. It also allows you to modify the shipment date and determine how much postage you want to purchase (if using a pay-on-create carrier).

When adding funds to a provider balance, you must purchase at least enough for the cost of the selected labels.


The Cost Review screen will appear if any of the following apply:

  • If you have selected a postage provider that charges for labels upon creation, your postage balance is not sufficient to cover the full cost, and you do not have auto-funding enabled.

  • If you are creating labels for multiple shipments at a time.

  • If you are creating labels from a batch.

When you are satisfied with your review, click the Continue button to proceed.

At this point, ShipStation sends a request to the carrier with your shipment details. The carrier then returns a label PDF to ShipStation

When ShipStation has received the label, ShipStation automatically opens the Print Label pop-up screen. You can now print (or download) the label.

Move on to the Print a Label article for details.

Notes about the Create Label Process

Learn more about what happens when you create a label in ShipStation

If you receive an error when attempting to create a label, review this list of potential reasons and solutions