Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your ShipStation subscription at any time. Keep in mind, your subscription will be valid until the last day of your billing cycle, so you can continue to use ShipStation fully until that time.

When you cancel your ShipStation subscription, several things will happen.

After Your Subscription Ends

  • You can still log in to ShipStation, but only the Account > Payment & Subscription settings will be available to view (should you want to resubscribe).

    Account settings sidebar with Payment & Subscription option selected
  • You will not be able to run any reports from your ShipStation account. Be sure to run any reports you need while your subscription is still active.

Once your subscription has been closed for 30 days, if you have any remaining funds in your ShipStation Balance we will automatically process a refund in the next 14 business days.

To cancel your subscription:

Leave Us Your Feedback!

Please consider leaving us a note to let us know why you are canceling and what we can do to improve ShipStation. We'd really appreciate it!

Reinstate a Canceled ShipStation Account

If you have previously canceled your account, you can reinstate it by re-selecting or changing your subscription plan and updating your billing details.

If your account has been canceled due to non-payment, ShipStation will allow you to log in but will only show you the Payment & Subscription page. Update your billing details to reinstate your account.

Your account will be reactivated and you can access the rest of the app to start shipping again! Your new billing period will start the day you reactivate your account.