What is Email Authentication and does ShipStation support it?

Email authentication is a crucial aspect of online communication, especially for e-commerce. Authentication ensures that messages are delivered reliably without being rejected or marked as spam. The most adopted email authentication protocol is DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

Email authentication protocols like DMARC prevent cybercriminals from sending emails impersonating your organization, protecting you and your buyers. Email authentication also ensures that legitimate emails are recognized by Email Service Providers.

Google/Yahoo! Requirement updates

Starting in February 2024 Google and Yahoo! email services will enforce DMARC more strictly. Google will start sending error messages and in April 2024 they will block emails that are not DMARC compliant.

Is ShipStation DMARC Compliant?

If you are using ShipStation’s default tracking email for customer shipment notifications (tracking@shipstation.com), your emails are already configured to pass DMARC checks. There’s no further action required on your part.

ShipStation provides the ability to add your email as the sender for notifications, allowing you to send the email from your own address rather than from ShipStation’s. While ShipStation doesn't currently support domain verification, we are currently working on a solution for this so that when using your brand's email as the send for notifications, the email is not filtered as spam by the recipient's mail server.

ShipStation will announce updates about our DMARC solution in the What's New? article and the Community Release Notes.

Additional Resources

ShipStation support is unable to assist with DMARC implementation. The best source of support is your Domain Name provider.

The following external resources can help with basic DMARC questions: