Intuitive Shipping

Integrate ShipStation with Intuitive Shipping for improved checkout rate options and updates about completed orders.

Intuitive Shipping is a Shopify app that lets you have multiple shipping scenarios that control what shipping costs and options your customers see at checkout. With Intuitive Shipping, you can show your discounted and dimension-based rates, estimated delivery time, and offer more choices to your customers. You then seamlessly receive package information back into your ShipStation accounts from your completed orders, which provides valuable input about automated fulfilment planning.

As a merchant with the Intuitive Shipping Integration, when you fulfill an order, you can view cart and fulfilment information to meet customer expectations and plan your fulfilment accordingly.

To view an order's delivery options in ShipStation, click the Info icon: White letter 'I' on blue circle information icon next to Requested Service in the order's Configure Shipment widget.


The Delivery Options pop-up will then display the customer's choice of shipping method as well as Shipment and Package Details.


Intuitive Shipping Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • An active account with Intuitive Shipping.

  • The modern ShipStation layout (Intuitive Shipping is not supported in ShipStation Legacy).

Other Requirements:

  • At least one shipping scenario and one shipping method configured in your Intuitive Shipping account.

Connect an Intuitive Shipping App to ShipStation

To connect Intuitive Shipping to ShipStation:

  1. Log in to your Intuitive Shipping account.

  2. Click the Enable Integration button (new version) or the Connect account button (Legacy version) in the ShipStation card.

    This will open a new tab to a ShipStation login screen.

  3. Log into your ShipStation account.

    Once you have successfully logged in, you'll be directed to an access permissions screen.

  4. Review the access permission screen for Intuitive Shipping. Then, click the Connect with Intuitive Shipping button.

    Intuitive Shipping's Consent Page popup in ShipStation

After you've completed the connection steps, your Intuitive Shipping details will import with any Shopify orders that use the Intuitive Shipping plug-in.

Notes about Intuitive Shipping

  • Shopify users should have only one general Shipping profile when using Intuitive Shipping with ShipStation. Due to how Shipping profiles are configured, Intuitive Shipping cannot distinguish multiple shipping profiles at checkout.

  • For additional details about using Intuitive Shipping with ShipStation, review Intuitive Shipping's detailed help articles: