Product Automation: Split Orders by Product

Auto-Split automation will split orders and create new shipments based on the products included in the order. You can specify how you want Auto-Split to create new shipments in the Product Details for each of your products. This automation happens before any other product automation or automation rules.

Auto-Split helps you save time managing orders that contain products with unique shipping requirements, such as:

  • The order contains an oversized item, like a mattress, bicycle, etc.

  • The order contains products from different warehouses

  • The order contains a product that is on backorder

  • The order contains a product with unique shipping requirement, like shipping with dry-ice

Your product records will have four options for the Auto-Split feature:

  • Do not auto-split this product

  • Exclusive Bulk Shipping: Creates a single new shipment for the specified product for the full quantity in the order. For example, if an order has a quantity of 2 for one of the products, Auto-Split will create one new shipment for the 2 items.

  • Ships Individually: Creates a new shipment that will contain a single quantity of the specified product. For example, if an order has a quantity of 2 for this product, Auto-Split will create a separate shipment for each.

  • Ship on Custom Quantity: This option allows you to specify the number of items that should be in each shipment.

The Auto-Split settings are located in the Product Details under the Shipping tab. You have the option to edit the Auto-Split behavior on each product individually or for multiple products at a time.

Available Only to Enterprise Plan

The Auto-Split feature is currently available to accounts on the Enterprise subscription plan.

Enable Auto-Split on a Single Product

To enable Auto-Split on a single product record:

  1. Click on an existing Product Record in the Product Grid or click New Product.

    Action buttons available for All Products: Import, Export, & New Products.
  2. Go to the Shipping tab in Product Details.

  3. Select one of the options available for Auto-Split.

  4. Click Save.

Enable Auto-Split on Multiple Products

To apply Auto-Split to multiple products:

  1. Select all the products you want to apply the auto-split setting to.

  2. Click the Auto-split button.

  3. Select an Auto-Split Option to apply to the selected products, then click Update Selection.


Notes about the Auto-Split Feature

  • Once you set a product auto-split, this setting will apply to any new order imports from your store or from a CSV import.

  • Auto-Split does not apply to new manual orders or previously imported open orders.

  • Auto-Split automation runs before any other product automation, service mapping, and automation rules.

  • Any new updates on orders from Stores will not apply to orders after Auto-Split.