ShipStation ODBC: Overview

The ShipStation ODBC client software is an advanced tool that allows you to connect ShipStation to an existing data source using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). The steps to properly connect merchant databases to ShipStation are:

ShipStation ODBC Requirements

  • ODBC is included with the Enterprise plan. If your account is not on the Enterprise, you must first activate the ODBC add-on.

  • ODBC Software: The ODBC client software must be installed to add and manage your ODBC data source(s). Once all of the requirements are met, download and install the ShipStation ODBC client software.

  • As with any other major configuration, we highly advise backing up all necessary data before proceeding with the connections of your ODBC database to ShipStation.

Additional Considerations

  • The ShipStation ODBC Client software must be installed and configured on a Windows PC.

    • Windows 8 or later

    • 64-bit

  • You will need your ShipStation login username and password.

  • You will need the details of the data source to which you will connect ShipStation. This includes the data source name and the data source username and password.

Once you have met the above requirements, you are ready to begin configuring your ODBC store in ShipStation. The first step is to download and install the ShipStation ODBC client software.