ShipStation ODBC: Download & Install the ODBC Client

After reviewing and completing the ShipStation ODBC requirements, the next steps when adding an ODBC store to ShipStation are to download and install the ShipStation ODBC client software and to sign in.

Download the ShipStation ODBC Client

To connect ShipStation to an ODBC database, go to your ShipStation account's store settings to download the ShipStation ODBC program. You must install this program on a Windows computer. Follow the detailed instructions below.

  1. Select the ShipStation ODBC option.

    ShipStation O D B C logo on tile with button that reads, "Connect".
  2. Click Download ShipStation ODBC on the page that appears.


Install the ShipStation ODBC Client and Sign In

  1. Locate the ShipStation ODBC Setup.exe file you downloaded in the previous section. Then, open the installer by double-clicking on the file.

  2. If prompted, answer Yes, that you wish to launch the ODBC installer.

  3. Click the Install button on the Ready to Install screen.

    The ODBC installation wizard is open with the Install button highlighted.
  4. Enter your ShipStation Email and Password. Then, click the Log In button.

    The ShipStation username and password fields are filled out and the Sign In button is selected.

What's next?

Now that the ShipStation ODBC client software is installed you can add an ODBC store and connect to your data source.