Ship to Pick Up Location

A Pick Up/Drop Off (PUDO) service is an option to deliver a shipment to a secure location (often called a service point) for the customer to pick up instead of delivering directly to the customer’s address. Some of ShipStation’s partnered carriers provide PUDO as a service option. This article details how to set up ShipStation so you can display PUDO as an option to your customers during checkout and ship to these service points.

Enabled by ShipStation Support

This feature must be enabled by ShipStation's support team. Contact our Support Team to get started.

Your Customer's Experience

When your customer goes through the store checkout, they will see the option to use a Pick-up service point when they choose their shipping method. The Pick-up shipping method will list service points near their destination address. Your customer chooses their preferred pick-up location and continues with the checkout process.

In ShipStation, the order's address field will display the Pickup Location Address. The carrier service in the Order Details automatically selects the appropriate carrier and service option. The created label will list the customer’s name as the recipient but list the pickup location address instead of the customer's address.

Avoid Adjustment Fees

Once the order is in ShipStation, you cannot change the address to another service point location. You can only change the destination address to a non-service point address. If you do change the address, remember to change the service option to a non-PUDO service. Using the incorrect service will result in an adjustment fee.


To use PUDO services with ShipStation, you must:

  • Contact ShipStation support to enable PUDO capabilities for your account

  • Ship to a domestic service point

  • Sell through a compatible store

  • Use a carrier with PUDO services

  • Set up PUDO rates within ShipStation's Checkout Settings

Compatible Stores

  • Wix

  • More Stores Coming Soon!

Compatible Carriers

Basic Setup

After ShipStation's Support enables the PUDO feature, you can set things up in ShipStation.

There are three setup stages:

  1. Enable the PUDO at Checkout feature on your Store

  2. Enable PUDO order imports in ShipStation’s Store settings

  3. Create Checkout Rates for PUDO services

Enable on Your Store

Your store integration will have a setting related to Pick Up/Drop Off services if the store supports the PUDO feature.

Follow the steps below to enable for Wix.

  1. Log in to your Wix account.

  2. Go to Settings > Store Shipping.

    Wix dashboard Settings page. Store Shipping option highlighted.
  3. Click Edit Shipping Rule for the Shipping Region in which you want ShipStation to provide rates.

    Wix Dashboard Store Shipping page. Edit Shipping Rule link highlighted.
  4. Scroll down and click the slider next to ShipStation to enable it.

    Wix Apps setting, ShipStation toggle set to on.

Set Phone Number to Mandatory

If possible, we recommend setting the Phone Number field in your store's checkout setting as required or mandatory. Carriers must be able to send a text message to the recipient to notify them that their shipment is ready for pick-up.

Enable Pickup Orders in ShipStation’s Store Settings

The store integration must be set up within ShipStation's settings to recognize Pick Up Orders so they are properly formatted.

You enable Pick up Orders in ShipStation Store Settings.

  1. Scroll down to the [Your Store]Connection Settings section in the General settings tab, and click the Edit [Your Store] Settings button.

    Settings > Store Setup > General tab. Box highlights Edit {Your Store} Settings button.
  2. Select Import pick-up orders.

  3. Click Save.

Create Checkout Rates for PUDO Services

Add a PUDO Checkout Rate from the Checkout Settings and define the rates to display at Checkout. This determines the rates you display on your store’s checkout page.

  1. Select the Checkout tab.

    Store Setup Page. Red box highlights Checkout tab.
  2. Click Add Checkout Rate button and choose the Pick-up and Drop-off Rate type.

  3. Fill in the fields to give it a name and description. Then, select a Carrier Service and enter a value for Flat rate.

    • The Internal Title field will not display on your checkout page. It is for your own reference in ShipStation.

    • The Description field will display on the Checkout Page. You can use this to add expected delivery time.

    • The Services drop-down will only list carriers that have a domestic PUDO service. You can only have one carrier per rate.

    • The Flat Rate Configuration will display the rate you enter on the Checkout page.

  4. Repeat these steps for each Carrier service you want to display in your checkout.